Pom Pom

pom pom knowingkimberly
My actual feet wearing the actual slippers.

Pom poms are in. Ask anyone. This Winter they can be found on everything from hats and bags to cushions and scarves, even keyrings!

I just bought myself a pair of pom pom ballerina slippers from trusty Boden. I have Hobbit feet so I ordered a size up for fear they’d be too tight but they just fell off so I had to go through all that faff of returning them and exchanging them for the correct size. I do this sort of idiot thing all the time. Anyway, I now have them, in the correct size, and they are indeed very snug and soft. I feel hilariously feminine in them!

At the time of writing this post Boden have 30% off everything so these slippers, usually £29, will be £20.30, which isn’t bad at all.

If brighter colours are your thing, John Lewis have very similar slippers currently priced at £22.

john lewis pom pom


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