I, Claudia


I love Claudia Winkleman. She’s one of those people who is fast approaching National Treasure status. Like Sheridan Smith.

I first fell in love with her about 10 years ago when my daughter, also named Claudia, was very little and we used to watch the Strictly spin off show It Takes Two on BBC2. At the allotted time the commentator would announce “And now it’s time for Claudia!” and my daughter absolutely, completely believed that the television was talking specifically to her. The music would start and she’d dance along excitedly, believing it to be her exclusive theme tune. This was our evening ritual for weeks.

Anyway, unless you’ve been living under a rock you will know that Claudia has just released a make-up range with high street superstar Marks & Spencer. I have to say I love it. We all know Claudia’s signature look. Dark eyes, pale lips and that fringe. The collection, as you would expect, supports that look. I will almost certainly buy the paler lipstick for myself. I’m not a huge lipstick lover, owning a total of just two. I have pouty lips and if I wear a strong colour it tends to look like my mouth is trying to eat my face. Massive overkill. So nude lipsticks are the way to go.

claudia make up

Also I have to say I love the packaging. Its clear, modern, no fuss.

Santa will almost certainly be bringing my daughter some Claudia products this Christmas. At twelve she’s a bit young for eye shadow and lipstick but surely there’s no better present than nail polish in a bottle with your name on it! *cue music*

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