I heart Momiji

Heard of Momiji? Me neither. Or at least not until recently. And now it’s simply a case of TAKE ALL MY MONEY.

Momiji are collectable message dolls. For display, rather than play, they contain a little note where you can write your own message to the recipient. Good Luck, Happy Birthday, Tidy Your Room…that kind of thing.

I’m a sucker for great packaging and these dolls come in personalised tubes or boxes almost as beautiful as the dolls themselves. Just love, love, love!

With their cute design I had assumed they were Japanese but they are in fact a UK company who work with designers from all over the world. Each doll is an individual, with it’s own name and personality. I discovered them about 5 minutes ago and we’ve already got two.

Dreaming is all ready for bed in her pom pom slippers and sleep mask clutching her pillow. She likes long naps and old maps.

dreaming momiji.png

And Pip, who is DRESSED LIKE A PENGUIN, likes… wait for it… a nice cup of tea and a sit down. They’re ME. Albeit in doll form. All I need is a penguin onesie and I’m good to go!

Momiji pip

I can see this collection growing and growing. Birthday? Momiji. Good school report? Momiji. Christmas… you get the idea. They’re about 8cm (3 inches) tall so they look great, lined up on a shelf or bookcase.

I just find them immensely cheering.

Daughter’s collection so far! (February 2016)

As they say on their website… SPREAD THE LOVE.

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