Prosecco Crisps

You often hear the phrase “I never met a [blank] I didn’t like…”

Like cookies. “I never met a cookie I didn’t like…”

Or cake. Or maybe crisps.

I would be inclined to agree with these statements. Until my sister told me about M&S Winter Berries & Prosecco Crisps, that is.



I threw up in my mouth a little just at the thought.

As if that isn’t awful enough, they’re decorated with gold edible stars. STARS. On crisps!

The only saving grace is that they’re on the shelves for a limited time. They’re a speciality for Christmas. A bit like Tesco’s Chocolate & Cherry sandwich. An honest to goodness sandwich with chocolate spread, cherries and mascarpone on cinnamon bread. Revolting.

Hate crime.

No doubt they’ll argue that they’re festive.

No, what they are is WRONG.

*Not my photos.


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