Wood Burning Stove

wood burning stove
Our wood burning stove. Yes that’s a cat toy shaped like a Christmas pudding. What of it?

When we moved into our house earlier this year the thing I got most excited about, other than the green kitchen, was the wood burning stove in the living room. It was one of those things I didn’t know I wanted until I had one.

From what I’ve heard they’re the in thing to have in your house nowadays. I never remember anybody having one but now they’re everywhere!

The minute you tell a fellow wood burner owner you have one they will say one of two things. 1) “You MUST get your chimney swept EVERY year” and 2) “You’re only supposed to use seasoned wood you know” *cue the patronising head tilt* “It MUST be seasoned”. Then they clutch your upper arm and ask you where you get your seasoned wood but you don’t tell them because you’ve found somewhere really cheap and nobody else must find out or they’ll steal all your wood.

It does turn out you need lots of stuff (other than seasoned wood) if you’re going to have a wood burner. You need a receptacle for your logs, a receptacle for your kindling, long matches or gas lighter, a poker, a little sweepy brush, heat proof gloves, firelighters and stove glass cleaner.

Don’t panic! Turns out you can buy pretty much everything from Amazon. Let’s face it, Amazon sell everything known to man.

My favourite thing is this little gas lighter that is in the shape of a match. I adore kitsch stuff like this!

match shaped butane lighter
Match shaped butane BBQ lighter. £2.59 from Amazon.

I can also recommend Lakeland Stove Glass Cleaner.

Lakeland Stove Glass Cleaner
Lakeland Stove Glass Cleaner. £5.97

Do not follow the instructions on the bottle. Spraying directly onto the glass means it will drip down and create A HUGE MESS. I know this now.

Spray a bit on a sponge or scourer and spread a thin non-drippy layer over the glass. To be extra safe you could place a piece of kitchen towel down to catch any possible drips. After a couple of minutes you can then wipe it off as per the instructions. No elbow grease required! If it’s very dirty it may require a second application. I’d do that rather than start scrubbing the glass, you don’t want to scratch it.

This spray keeps the glass on the stove sparkling clear so you can be hypnotised by the flames a la Mr Tumnus!

Happy wood burning! But whatever you do, don’t forget your logs MUST BE SEASONED.

christmas fireplace

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