A cat fountain?

I don’t like cats. Or at least I didn’t like them for 37 years.

Over time my family have had an assortment of dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, fish, terrapins and tortoises. We had two cats whilst I was growing up, Cleo (a Birman) and Purdie (a Silver Chinchilla). They were both very nice but I preferred our dogs. I was not a “cat person”.

Cleo & Purdie

My husband and daughter had been asking for a cat for some time and the answer was always an emphatic NO. I didn’t want cat hair everywhere. I hated the smell of that jellied cat food. I can’t stand litter trays. What if it brought in dead mice? Or worse. Live mice! Cats like to scratch EVERYTHING. What about our sofa? The curtains?? I knew if it coughed up a furball I would vomit. On the spot. No. I was never getting a cat.

When we moved house I finally relented. My daughter would have ONE furry pet and I guess it wouldn’t kill me. That isn’t to say I didn’t go down fighting. Promises were made. She would empty the litter tray. And feed it. And brush it. It was to be her pet, her responsibility. Frankly I’d just ignore it for the most part. No doubt that’s what it would do with me. That’s what cats are like. They walk in like they own the place and treat you like the hired help.

My daughter had her heart set on a black cat. This was in no small part because friends of ours have one and he is beautiful and very affectionate. Also we’d read that black cats are the least likely to be adopted. My daughter loves an underdog… or in this case, an undercat.

So one afternoon in May we went to view a kitten. The rest of his litter had found homes weeks ago and he was the last one left. Nobody wanted him. He was half price. We had to have him.

Game over.

We named him Mycroft, after the genius brother of Sherlock Holmes. “If he’s intelligent it will be apt and if he’s stupid it will be funny” my daughter decreed.


I am daft about this cat. Family and friends cannot get over my transformation from Cat Loather to Crazy Cat Lady. I have been mocked about how much I spoil him. OK, so he does have his own cat fountain. And an automatic pet food feeder. I realise this sounds ridiculous but there is logic in the madness.

My parents live 90 minutes away, my in-laws over two hours. If we visit, we tend to spend the night. So who’s going to feed the cat? Aha! I cry triumphantly. That’s where the automatic pet feeder and cat fountain come in!

The Cat Mate C3000 allows you to programme when your cat eats and how much.  As for the Cat Fountain you simply plug it in and fill it with water. It oxygenates the water by circulating it. As it does this the water passes through an internal filter which keeps it clean. We bought both from Amazon (of course!) and they were both about 60% off RRP at the time.

These are ideal if you work long or irregular hours or like us, spend the occasional night away.

OK, so he’s a bit spoilt. So what? He’s SPECIAL.

Look at dat face.

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  1. Aww, he’s so cute. I have a cat fountain and feeder, too. They are awesome. We got the timed feeders a few years ago, because we were tired of being woken up at 4 am to feed our cat (we can’t free-feed, she eats too much and throws it up,lol). The feeder makes it so she doesn’t associate us with food anymore. So she never hassles us to be fed. It’s great. PS- Welcome to crazy-cat-lady-land 🙂

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    1. The auto pet food feeder is absolutely brilliant! He never begs for food and I don’t have to worry about feeding him. Best investment ever! Aww thanks! Us Crazy Cat Ladies are awesome! 😉

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