Simply Nigella Bowl

I have a massive girl crush on Nigella. I’ve watched every episode of every series. I have all her books. I read them in bed, like porn.

Sometimes she glances up at the camera with this crazed look in her eyes. Occasionally, when I’m cooking – Hah! COOKING! – I will give my husband my Crazy Nigella look and we will laugh like drains.

crazy nigella
Bit cray cray.

Taking this into account, it won’t surprise you to hear that I’ve been glued to her recent series, Simply Nigella.

Two things I’ve especially loved about this series; the brilliant soundtrack and that beaded glass bowl she used week after week.

This isn’t unusual. I covet virtually everything she uses. One Christmas I got that weird pronged mini whisk she made famous. I’ve used it once. But I LOVE IT.

Anyway, back to the bowl. I went in search of it on the worldwide web and sure enough I found it… on Amazon of course. They have loads! Cereal bowls, snack bowls, salad bowls, dessert bowls, mixing bowls…

Click here for Bella Perle Mixing Bowl by Dibor.

You’re welcome. *eats from the fridge at midnight wearing satin robe*

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  1. randommeforrandomyou says:

    Except it’s not midnight it’s about five minutes after filming bahahaha they slip her out the back she chucks a satin robe over her obligatory cardie they tussle her hair a bit and she tucks into the left overs 😜

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