Pet Presents!

As you will know if you’ve read my A Cat Fountain? post we have a kitten who is my pride and joy. I’m not the only person who is soppy about their pet. In January, The Telegraph said Britons would spend £4.6bn on their pets in 2015. I’m sure this figure includes vet bills and food but then there’s the extras… grooming treatments, dog walkers, day care, fashion accessories, toys… cat fountains.

Pet presents are big business.

We’ve bought Crofty a £4 cat treat stocking for Christmas. But if you fancy really spoiling your animal friend this festive season then perhaps you’ll want to consider one of these…


Personally I think you’d have to be barmy to spend £33 on what is effectively a cardboard box but hey I guess it is a very pretty cardboard box. 100% recyclable and eco-friendly.

Pride Playhouse £33 from notonthehighstreet

Or perhaps you like the Cat Genie? An honest to God cat TOILET. A revolutionary litter box that flushes the waste away and cleans itself. This is the future, people.

cat genie
CatGenie Tabby from £357


The Eglu is the coolest chicken coop on the market. Available in a selection of bright colours they’re Fox-proof, energy efficient, eco-friendly and weather resistant. Prices start from £315 from

Eglu also make homes for guinea pigs, rabbitsducks!


Built like a mini sofa this beautiful dove grey dog bed from boasts a hollow-fibre mattress and machine washable covers and bumpers.

luxury dog bed
Deeply Dishy Dog Bed from £100

Most cats have a cat flap and are able to come and go as they please but dogs usually have to wait by the door, whining and barking to get your attention. NOT ANYMORE. Now you can buy the Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell! Yes. A doorbell. For your DOG. With great power, comes great responsibility.

doggie doorbell
If you haven’t gone insane within 3 days of buying this I’d love to hear from you.

Hamsters & Gerbils

Easily the most stylish Hamster abode I’ve ever seen! Not only does it look great but the real selling point of the Qute is that you can apparently clean it out in a matter of seconds. The bedding drawer just slides out and you can empty the woodshavings/bedding straight into the bin in one move! I love it!

qute hamster cage
From £69.99


The Beehaus is the bee hive for the modern bee keeper. Easy to clean, light and weather proof. Perfect for your garden or roof top!

From £499


OK this isn’t technically for a pet bird. It’s for the birds in your garden. But I had to include it. It’s a Death Star Birdhouse. I repeat. A DEATH STAR BIRDHOUSE.

death star birdhouse
This is not a drill.


The BiOrb Halo with its hidden waterline is a seamless aquarium. It has all sorts of fancy features such as LED lighting that you can adjust to the exact right conditions including moonlight.

BiOrb Halo £140.00 from Pets At Home for the 30litre version

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