Poshcorn (brought to us by Tyrrell’s, the crisp people ) is yummy popcorn in pretty pastel bags with a vintage feel!


I tend to be very greedy with popcorn and can hoover up a big bowl in no time at all. I mean they’re mostly air right? You can buy the big bags and scoff them all yourself or if you’re feeling saintly, they do sell multipacks containing 6 individual portions. Being in small crisp-size bags makes them infinitely more portable. They’re the perfect solution if you’re too stingy to buy the extortinate snacks at the cinema. Also a great lunch box alternative to crisps!

As you’ll know by now, I love good packaging and the women on the Poshcorn packets are funny and slightly naughty. Oh what larks!

trust you edith
“I love a generous handful” “Trust you, Edith!”

Poshcorn doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients. They’re suitable for vegetarians and are gluten free. You can read all about them here

Flavours currently include: Sea Salted, Sweet & Salty (my favourite), Coconut & Caramel and Lemon Cupcake.

They seem to be readily available in most of the big supermarkets.

Highly addictive. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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