Not just a bag holder…

The other night I fell asleep thinking of how I’m going to organise our loft. If this isn’t a sign that I need to get a job I don’t know what is.

Thing is, I do love a “storage solution”. IKEA might very well be my spiritual home. I pore over the IKEA catalogue (the website is too sprawling) for ideas. How can I make my organised home MORE organised?

We all have squillions of plastic bags and now that you have to pay for them (in the UK) people seem to be hoarding them more than ever before. I have two of these bag holders from IKEA mounted on the wall of our understairs cupboard and I have to say they are very handy.

Variera Plastic Bag Dispenser, IKEA

Mine are white but they do come in other colours if you think white is just too boring for words. Some of the best ideas are the cheapest and at £1.50 it isn’t going to break the bank. They’re also easy to assemble and if I’m saying this it must be true! You simply bend it into position, click it into place, peel off the sticky pads on the back and press it onto the wall. They’re very light so can be affixed to just about anything.

Looking these up on the internet I discovered they serve multiple purposes! Some people use them to hold rolls of giftwrap, kitchen/toilet rolls, umbrellas, bath toys, socks, wool… even hay for pet rabbits! How awesome is that?! I love it when people repurpose things. It’s so clever.

ikea rat
It’s only asleep right? *prods with a stick*

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