Snow Boots

Apparently it’s going to snow next week. If you’re reading this from Canada or Alaska or somewhere equally up to its forehead in ice and snow you’d laugh at us. This will most likely just be a sprinkling but here’s the thing about England. We don’t really do weather. We do drizzle. And light showers. And overcast. I guess you could say we do non-weather.

We’ve just had the wettest and mildest December on record. My gorgeous padded coat – it’s like wearing duvet – hasn’t seen the light of day. I haven’t felt the need for more than a jumper when I go out and on my feet I’ve still been wearing my trusty Birkenstocks. But the weather people keep barking on about SNOW. “It’s going to snow!” they say with great urgency. So in a mild panic I’ve just ordered some snow boots.

I bought them from Cotton Traders. Now don’t take the piss. I am well aware that Cotton Traders is for the geriatric and fashion isn’t exactly high on their list of priorities.

I bought them in black which I think worn with black leggings and my duvet coat will look pretty inoffensive. They’re faux fur lined for warmth (the elderly do feel the cold y’know) and the thick tread will hopefully prevent me from spinning off on the ice like one of those hippos from Fantasia.

If you haven’t run screaming for the hills I should also point out that these boots are currently half price. I know! Snow boots on sale at exactly the time you’d require them! UNHEARD OF. I didn’t see the need to spend £££’s on a pair of super duper snow boots when they’re likely to only be worn once or twice.

Now for them to arrive in time for the snow. Don’t let me down Royal Mail…

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