Bag Lady

I have become one of those women that now carries a large “shopper” bag around with them instead of an actual handbag. There are loads of cute designs out there but if I’m truthful this is because I am incapable of remembering plastic bags when I go shopping. It’s not that I’m too cheap to spend 5p on a plastic bag, it’s because I have approximately 684 million of the buggers at home. I have two of those IKEA plastic bag holders (see my Not just a bag holder post) and they are full to the brim! It just seems so wasteful to buy yet another bag. Plus my husband, who is usually quite nice, will be all holier than thou about it and say something like “You forgot again? I always remember” and I’ll want to stab him with a fork.

Sometimes it’s really not my fault because I didn’t intend to go shopping in the first place. I’ll happen to be passing when I realise we could do with some more cat food/milk/bin bags and so I pop in to buy that one thing we need only to end up buying half the shop.

A former work colleague, and friend, who now works for one of the big supermarkets has coined the phrase “Bag Face”. Apparently bag face is the expression you pull when you realise you’ve forgotten your plastic bags. See! I’m not the only one, it’s totally a thing!

bag face
Bag Face.

When I do remember, which usually coincides with my husband shouting “BAGS!” as I go to walk out the door, I use my jute bags from COOK. They are the best I’ve come across for holding loads of shopping. Super strong with extra long handles and at £2.50 each they’re a bargain! But they’re quite large, not really the sort of thing you’d sling over your shoulder to walk around town with.

£2.50 COOK (Kitten optional)

So I’ve started carrying a shopper bag so that I at least have room to hold a few things should I need to shop spontaneously. Once you get over the fact that a pickpocket could reach in easily and steal your identity in 10 seconds or less it’s actually OK.

There are LOADS to choose from but here are some of my favourites.

Skyline Jute Bag from Emma Bridgewater. I have this bag in the Union Jack design which has now sold out. It’s really strong and holds its shape well.

jute bag emma b
£3.00 Emma Bridgewater

I’m a big fan of Paperchase in general. I have a couple of their canvas bags. The larger one we use as a swimming bag as it can accommodate towels and suits etc. The smaller one is what I’d describe as a book bag. They currently have Foldaway Bags on offer (the London design being my favourite).

bag paperchase
£4.50 Paperchase

If you’re looking for something a bit more substantial then this stripy number from Accessorize might be just the ticket! It’s simple and summery and has a waterproof lining.

bag accessorize
£10.00 Accessorize

I’m a bit over Cath Kidston but their foldaway shopper bags are pretty and very handy. I like the London design but if florals are your thing then there are plenty to choose from.

bag cath kidston
£8.00 Cath Kidston

Primark have some cool canvas shopper bags in store although not on their website (not that I can find anyway). Fun designs ranging from Star Wars to doughnuts and being Primark they were something ridiculous like £1.50 each. They’re thin, so unlikely to last forever, but a good size.

Happy shopping!

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  1. Rob C says:

    What you need to do, Kim, is leave a fuckton of bags in the boot of yer car. Works like a charm for me 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for these wise words but I DO THAT ALREADY AND I STILL FORGET THEY’RE THERE. 🙄


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