It’s all about the Boyfriend…

I keep reading that Skinny jeans are OVER. Thank God for that! Apparently 2016 is going to be all about the Boyfriend. I am so happy about this I can’t tell you. I never bought a pair of Skinny jeans. I’m not the sort that should wear them. I think the hint is in the name. They aren’t called Curvy Jeans are they? I think if you’re willowy with long, lean legs then the Skinny jean was for you and no doubt still will be but not all of us are blessed like all of Rod Stewart’s wives.

skinny jeans

I’m 5 foot 7 ish, a fairly average height, but I must be a bit disproportionate because I have quite a long body and not-that-long legs. I have finally come to terms with this crushing disappointment. Fortunately my husband isn’t a leg man. Don’t get me wrong my legs are fine, they’re just not what I’d magic up if I had the choice. They’re the reason I never bought  a pair of Ugg boots either. If you have skinny legs that look thin coming out of a padded fat Ugg boot then you look cute. You look dainty. But lets face it, if you’re carrying more weight than you’d like the LAST thing you should do is wear a boot that gives your ankles more bulk and less definition. Way to make your legs look like tree trunks.

I think as you get older you learn what suits you and what doesn’t. And sometimes what’s in fashion simply isn’t what suits you. I suspect this will happen more and more the older I get(!) I guess that’s when you find your staples. Your look. And if that means I’m never going to wear Skinny jeans or Ugg boots I’m OK with that. The Boyfriend jean is much more forgiving than the Skinny and I shall be embracing it like… well… an actual boyfriend!

boyfriend jeans


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