Mirror, Mirror

I’ve been looking for a mirror since we moved house in April. At first it was quite fun. Searching the internet, spending weekends scouring antique-y shops… then it reached the inevitable point of WHY CAN’T I FIND WHAT I WANT?

The mirror was to be for our Dining Room. I always think “Dining Room” sounds terribly formal. In reality it’s a through room. It’s the room you walk through to get to the kitchen and it’s always sensible to stick a table and chairs off a kitchen so that’s where we put them. I don’t do formal, so it’s all very relaxed. The room isn’t fancy; there’s the original rustic fireplace and the exposed floorboards are a bit beaten up. I love it and wanted the mirror to compliment the surroundings rather than try to glitz it up. But I couldn’t find one. They were too small, too big, too new, too sparkly…

I had all but given up when I discovered LOAF. And I fell in love. Loaf seems to specialise in relaxed furnishings. Champions of natural materials and craftsmanship they sell squishy sofas, solid beds and quirky furniture.  And so I found my mirror.

Made from reclaimed wood, it isn’t shiny or perfect. It has loads of character which is exactly what I wanted. It really suits the room. The “Porthole Mirror” has now sold out but they have lots of others that are just as nice.

I’d happily recommend Loaf to anyone. Their customer service is excellent and I love their company ethos. “We only make stuff that we’d enjoy in our own homes… preferably with a cup of tea and a great big slice of chocolate cake. Lovely!”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Mirror LOAF
Mirror, mirror on the wall…


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  1. stellabranch says:

    I looked for a circular mirror for my hallway for ages! I found one in an antique place while visiting my sister and I couldn’t get it home on the train! It was 3 months before we picked it up, but I love it! Thanks for the heads up about this company, I hadn’t heard of them before.

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