On Monday my husband and I are starting our “healthy eating regime”. I know most people start these things at the beginning of January but we had to get through 2nd Christmas with my in laws first (they went on a cruise). And then there was all the food left over from Christmas that needed eating. And then there was the fact that I don’t really want to do it.

My husband, foolish boy, is quite excited. He’s never been on a diet. He’s always been slim. Think Jude Law or Ewan McGregor body type rather than… I don’t know… The Rock.

The Rock
Do you reckon he works out?

He’s an averagey height and an averagey weight. But recently he’s gained a few pounds. Now we’re not talking a ton here, just a bit around the middle. He works long hours; up at 5:25am and rarely home before 8pm. He spends a lot of time sitting. Sitting at his desk, sitting in a meeting room, sitting on the train…. Hah! I take that back. Like he ever gets a seat on the train! Anyway, he isn’t very active in the day and that has lead to some weight gain. He doesn’t have an ounce of fat below the waist. He’s all muscle and sinew. I could bounce a coin off his arse. Buns of steel I tell you! So when he pinches the bit of extra flesh around his middle and says “I should lose some weight, I’m getting really fat” I want to smother him with a pillow. If he thinks HE’S fat then I’m going to have to get with the programme. Because frankly it would be ridiculous for him to diet and me to live in the same house and not.

I have gained about two stone in the last two years whilst I’ve not been working. I’ve been used to balancing two, sometimes three, part time jobs with also running a house and being a full time mother. I was the queen of multi tasking! But lately there’s been a lot of sofa time. A lot of biscuits. A lot of TV. There’s only so much housework one can do before they go crazy so yes I’ve watched every episode of Scandal. Don’t judge.

Anyway the weight crept on and I haven’t been inclined to do much about it. To be frank I’ve had more important things to worry about. Except now I really don’t like myself. Yet I still do nothing! It’s much easier to moan about being fat whilst drinking tea inside in the warm than run outside in the cold like Rocky. But with my husband’s determination to lose that extra 7lbs he’s carrying I should take this opportunity to kickstart some kind of diet action. And so it begins.

rocky steps gif

We all know there’s nothing more boring than someone talking about their diet but it will inevitably creep into this blog so just gird your loins and get through it. God knows that’s what I’ll be doing. It could be worse, at least I won’t be blogging about CrossFit.

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  1. Janine says:

    Oh Dwayne Johnson most definitely works out 😉 I know because I follow him on Facebook and Instagram 😉

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