Grain Free Granola

Paleo Foods Company

I’ve just discovered a great brand called The Paleo Foods Co.

For those that don’t know, “paleo” is short for paleolithic. The paleolithic period was essentially the early part of the Stone Age. People who eat a “Paleo Diet” will only eat food that is natural, i.e. not been tampered with. So that’s no processed foods and lots of lean meats, fish and vegetables.

More about the Paleo Diet another time…

The Paleo Foods Co. have launched a range of grain free granola. All ingredients are natural with no additives! You won’t find any wheat, gluten, grains (like oats), refined sugars or refined oils. This stuff is the real deal. And it’s pretty tasty!

berries almond paleo granola

I’ve only tried the Berry and Almond Granola. Like anybody who is cutting back on sugar, at first it seemed a little bland but once I kick my sugar addiction I’m sure it’ll taste sweet enough. I must say that it certainly feels healthy.

I bought mine from Sainsbury’s so no traipsing off to a random health food shop. Enjoy!

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