I realise it’s still Winter and the last thing on your mind is summer footwear but you know how I like to be prepared.


I discovered Gandys a couple of years ago and the story behind the brand is quite something.

Gandys was founded by two brothers, Rob and Paul. As children they travelled the globe with their parents and siblings, working on humanitarian projects. They spent Christmas 2004 in Weligama, Sri Lanka. On Boxing Day they awoke to screams and huge waves crashing through their rooms. The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami killed over 230,000 people. Two of those people were Rob and Paul’s parents.

The children, lucky to be alive, made it back to the UK. A few years later, Rob and Paul decided they would continue travelling the world and finish the trip their parents had started. Wanting to honour their parents and to help disadvantaged children, they started thinking of what they could do. One morning after a few too many lemonades Rob woke up with “a mouth like Gandhi’s flip flop” and so their business idea was born! Flip flops in a range of colourful designs to suit everyone!


A percentage of the profits from Gandys goes to their charity Orphans For Orphans. You can read about all their great work here.

I spent most of my childhood barefoot or in flip flops and it’s how I’m most comfortable. I’m not a girl who has a thing about shoes. Just give me a pair of flip flops and I’m happy. When it’s cold I’ll wear them inside as my ‘slippers’. My Gandys are leopard print and I intend to sashay around in them with postbox red toenails all summer!

And here’s the best bit… they are currently offering 40% off and free shipping with the discount code LIMITEDEDITION16. But be quick! It ends at midnight on January 31st 2016.


See website for T&C’s, I’m not affiliated, yada yada yada…

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  1. stellabranch says:

    Thanks for that. Ive heard about their story before. I’ve just ordered 2 pairs in preparation for sunshine. We can but hope!

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    1. They’re the cool flip flop too!


      1. stellabranch says:

        Gotta be cool, obviously!

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  2. Janine says:

    Oh my. I love a good pair of jandals I may just have to check these out 😉

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