They’re very fussy about recycling where I live. Our council recycles paper, cardboard, foil, tins/cans, plastic and glass. We don’t even have to separate it. You just dump all of it into a blue wheelie bin and they take it away. They also collect food waste. You put all your unwanted/leftover food and peelings into a small food waste bin and it’s collected along with the rest of your rubbish every week. If you pay for a green wheelie bin (about £40 per year) they’ll dispose all of your garden waste. Personally I think it’s a brilliant system and it makes you feel like an eco warrior without actually doing anything.

My parents live in West Sussex and apparently they don’t do food waste collection there. To me it just feels wrong to put food in the general bin but my dad swears them’s the rules. But then this is the man that eats ice cream with a fork so who knows?!

When the whole recycling thing was introduced it took a little while to get used to but now it’s just second nature. In the old house I stacked recycling by the kitchen door, to be carried out to the wheelie bin when it had reached Leaning Tower of Pisa proportions. When we moved I decided I’d buy a second kitchen bin just for the recycling. It would be so much neater, much more organised, much more me.

I looked and looked. Nothing seemed to really fit the bill. I didn’t want anything heavy as inevitably I’d be the one having to lift the thing up and carry it outside when it needed emptying. In the end I found what I wanted at IKEA. Quite why I didn’t start there to begin with I don’t know.

ikea recycling tubs
IKEA Sortera Waste Sorting Bin £5-£9

I bought two of their white recycling tubs. Stacked perfectly on top of each other they are roughly the same height as a kitchen bin. Getting two tubs is a much better idea than one bin as they’re lightweight and easy to carry. They’re also wipe clean. As with almost everything they sell in IKEA, these tubs have multiple uses. Easy toy storage for the kids, storing balls/sports equipment or maybe in your utility room to sort your coloured laundry? Any which way, they’re brilliant.

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  1. randommeforrandomyou says:

    Oh how I wish we had…
    1. IKEA
    2. Curbside food waste pick up
    3. Cheap yearly green waste pick up

    And I must try eating my ice cream with a fork 😉

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  2. davegore2005 says:

    i am slightly recycling obsessed too, even to the point where if I take food to work in tin foil, or have a drink in work in a plastic bottle I will make a point of bringing them home to recycle, got to be done..and food bin?, yep, everything..always

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  3. stellabranch says:

    I’m a bit of a recycling fiend myself, but our collectors are dreadful! If there’s a lid left on the box they just won’t lift it and empty it. Even if the weather means that if you don’t leave a lid on the plastics would be blown right down the street or if it’s raining the paper gets soaked! Grrrr!

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    1. That is AWFUL. I have to say our guys are brilliant. Never had any problems.


      1. stellabranch says:

        We complained to the council recently and We were told that because we were using a black bin for our plastics instead of the box the council gave us ( because it’s quite small) they didn’t realise it wasn’t our normal bin…we’ve been using the same one for over a year and when the lid is off they take it! My husband has now riveted a “plastics recycling ” sign to the front of it!

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