My younger sister introduced me to the Furminator. At first I thought that was just what she called it. Like a jokey nickname. On the scale of 1 to 10 of stupid product names the Furminator is an 11. But that’s the only derogatory thing I’ll say because it’s AMAZING.

If you have a cat or dog then you NEED a Furminator.

Unless it’s a Sphynx cat.


My sister has a Siberian Husky. They have famously dense fur and moult a great deal when the weather warms up. She’s been raving about this de-shedding tool for ages. It was only when they went on sale on Amazon that I considered buying one for us.

I’ll be back.

The one I bought is the cheapest, being that it’s for a small cat with short hair. You can buy for small or large cats/dogs and you can choose between short and long hair. I paid £12 (normal price around £16).  If you wanted one for a large long-haired dog then be prepared to pay up to £25. But I’d still say it’s worth it.

The brush itself is solid, comfortable to hold and because the comb is stainless steel it’s very strong and won’t rust if you get it wet.

The Furminator is so satisfying to use. It’s a bit like when I first got a bagless vacuum and was able to see all the dirt and dust I’d hoovered up. The Furminator holds the loose hair you have brushed until you release it with the handy little button (I can only apologise that they’ve named this the FURejector). If you google the Furminator there’s just loads of photos of dogs and cats sitting next to vast clumps of fur. It really is quite remarkable.

What’s more, Crofty (my cat) absolutely loves it. He stretches out purring like an engine. It’s a win-win.

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