I’m not a fan of fake plants. Plastic or silk, cheap or expensive, they’re fooling no one. Then I moved house. I have two rooms that don’t get a lot of light. Our dining room has a big window but it’s on the far side of a large chimney breast. The bathroom has one small window that faces our neighbour’s brick wall. Great for privacy, not so good for plants. I’ve never really been a big houseplant person but I’m now thinking I need to bring in some more greenery…

ikea shrub
Artificial shrub IKEA from £3

I have this wee fake shrub (above) from IKEA on my bathroom windowsill sitting in a little aluminium pot. I think if you’re going to go artificial you’re better to go for plants rather than flowers. And always go small rather than large. Fake flowers don’t tend to stand up to close scrutiny and even expensive ones can look plasticky and cheap. Now this IKEA offering is both plasticky and cheap but it’s small and inconspicuous. It adds a little greenery without trying to fool anyone. It serves a purpose.

Terrarium from Urban Outfitters £30

I’m toying with the idea of a terrarium. They’re very popular right now and seem to be available everywhere. The beauty of them is you can personalise them any way you like. Cacti and succulents are popular for terrariums but those need quite a lot of sunlight so not great for a darker corner. BUT because they’re somewhat obscured in glass I reckon I could probably get away with small fake plants in one. No need to water, just fill with gravel or sand and ta-dah!

Also discovered a great website called

At first I thought it said House Plant Sexpert… now that would have been interesting!

Anyway they have loads of tips for indoor plants that don’t need a lot of sunlight so I shall investigate and report back. Over and out.

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