Oscars 2016

I love the Oscars. Yes, it’s all superficial froth. No, it doesn’t really matter. Yes, the studios beaver away behind the scenes running campaigns to ensure their film wins the top gong… yada yada yada…I know all of this. I just don’t care.

The Oscars air when all of us on this side of the pond are snoozing so I have to wait until this evening for the two hour highlight show (Sky Living HD 10pm – set your boxes to record!).

So despite not seeing the ceremony itself yet I still know who won everything (Well done Leo, we’re all very proud of you) but what I really love is the red carpet. I love to see the world’s beautiful people looking… well… beautiful.

So to kill time here are my favourites…

Cate Blanchett

Flawless perfection.

 Brie Larson

Young & fresh!

Jennifer Lawrence

jennifer lawrence
So gorgeous I can’t stand it.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet

kate leo 2
“I’d totally leave husband no.3 for you Leo…” 

Alicia Vikander

alicia vikander.jpg
It’s Belle from Beauty & the Beast!

Tom Hardy & Charlotte Riley

These two were definitely the coolest couple on the red carpet!
And finally…

The costume designer Jenny Beavan, described as looking like “a bag lady” by Stephen Fry at the recent BAFTAs, attended the 88th Academy Awards wearing her signature biker jacket/scarf combo. And why the hell not?

88th Annual Academy Awards - Press Room
It’s the Oscars and I’ll wear what I want to… 

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