Sorry, things have been a bit busy. I’ve been up to my eyeballs with various personal dramas… last week my daughter had to have three teeth extracted. This was traumatic despite the fact it was being carried out by The World’s Most Charming Dentist. I had to excuse myself to go and vomit in the adjacent loo. I’m convinced that’s the very reason the loo is adjacent. Next time I’m sending my husband to play Parent That Has Their Shit Together because clearly I’m not up to the job. 

There’s been a lot of stuff to wade through as well as the chasing of some household stuff that was paid for an age ago but has gone AWOL. I nearly burst into tears on the phone to Hillarys Blinds yesterday from the sheer stress of it all. Why can’t things just be easy for FIVE MINUTES. By the time my husband returned home I was this glass eyed zombie rocking back and forth in the corner.

OK, not quite but that’s how I FEEL.

leslie knope gif.gif

Anyway, I shall as ever try to do better and get back to blogging about utterly random stuff as I’m fairly sure it does me good and lowers my blood pressure. Big love.

PS: Anybody who knows me in real life that can recommend a plumber that won’t rob us blind I’d be grateful if you could text me their details. The one we’ve been waiting on for months has pulled out.

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