Ocado Fetch Sizzle

I often shop with Ocado. This is because they sell a lot of gluten free products which aren’t available at my local supermarkets and also because I’m very lazy.

I love Ocado. I add things to my virtual shopping basket on the app as and when I think of things and then when we’re down to eating cuppa soups and toast I press the order button and the next day a lovely man arrives with all my shopping in clever colour coded bags. It’s BRILLIANT.

ocado van

Some people raise their eyebrows and give you the ‘she must have money to burn’ look but let me tell you something. Yes, Ocado do sell Waitrose stuff but they also sell branded items, which are price matched with Tesco. AND they sell their own Ocado range which is cheaper than both. So nuhhhh!

There’s also another good thing about ordering with Ocado. They now have other shops attached to them. You place your order with these shops and the items arrive with your Ocado shopping! YOU NEED NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE AGAIN.

Firstly, there’s Sizzle which sells homeware. It’s basically the John Lewis kitchen dept. They have everything from glassware and plates to kettles and food processors. Secondly, there’s Fetch which sells all manner of pet products. Food, supplements, toys, travel accessories… Both offer free delivery if you spend over £29 and 1-hour delivery slots (on the Ocado van). Like Ocado they often have special offers and discounts.

I don’t use them all the time but it is a handy option now and again if you need something specific and you have Ocado coming anyway.

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  1. davegore2005 says:

    so nnnuuuuhhhh?

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    1. So nuuuuhhhh!! HAHAHA!


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