New Kitchen Stool

I’ve been looking for a stool for our kitchen recently. Our daughter has taken to perching on a small step in the mornings whilst she waits for her toast to pop. So we decided it might be a good idea to copy the previous owners and stick a stool in the gap between the counter and the radiator for her to sit on. I ended up finding what I wanted at Cox & Cox

Cox & Cox is one of those companies that I’ve been receiving catalogues for since the dawn of time but never order anything from. But I really liked their Elegant Twist Stool in Duck Egg. They were also offering a discount at the time for first time customers so we got money off. Whoop whoop!  


Pic below is our stool. It’s height adjustable but we have it set to its lowest for our daughter. Fits the space perfectly. Very solid and sturdy. 


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