Tea Capsules

So it would appear that 2016 is the year we’re going to be bombarded with tea capsules. 

I first saw the Dualit tea capsules. I was quite tempted to try them but at £3.99 for 15 capsules they seem somewhat extravagant for what is at the end of the day just a cup of tea. I mean, what if I got addicted to them? I must drink about 700 cups a year(!) 

The design is clever I grant you. Patented lidded capsules with microfiltration, that are compatible  with all Nespresso machines. They claim to reduce brewing time down to seconds for the perfect cup of tea every time. 

The main concern I have about tea capsules is that tea is such a personal thing. The perfect cup of tea is down to the taste of the drinker surely? Would it be the same coming out of a machine?  

I know lots of tea drinkers and they all like it their own way… “Just waft my tea bag near the water, I don’t like it strong!” “Let it brew for a bit, nothing worse than weak tea” “I like to dunk the teabag three times before squeezing it for precisely 3.2 seconds under a full moon”… 

Then there’s the whole milk/sugar/sweetener stage where frankly, things can get quite ridiculous. 

Is it right to add milk first or later? In days gone by only posh folk would drink tea as it was very expensive, having been imported from India and suchlike. They found that the boiling water would crack their bone china cups and so someone clever decided if you put milk in first the water would cool the moment it met the milk and their teacups were spared. 

Personally I prefer to add the milk last. There are those who think adding milk to any tea is an atrocity. And don’t even get me started on sugar… It’s highly frowned upon by tea purists to add sugar yet in France it’s the done thing. Go figure. 

I can definitely see Dualit having a slice of the market. Their Fine Tea collection could take off. Not every day tea with breakfast but perhaps an after dinner novelty… I often drink a peppermint tea after food. But now PG Tips are getting in on the game. 


They come in boxes of 10 capsules (£2.79) and are available in 4 flavours. You can even buy a gift set (pictured above).

I have my doubts whether our nation of tea drinkers are going to be swayed by the capsule. Only time will tell. 

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  1. davegore2005 says:

    the thing about tea is that you hit the nail right on the head when you said it’s so much of a personal thing compared to coffee, we have a nespresso machine but we know what capsules we both like and what flavours and textures, not so with tea, strong for me, dash of milk, no sugar please

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly! My husband loves our Nespresso machine but like you say, coffee is something else altogether.


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