As I’m sure you recall I just got a KitchenAid mixer. We got a great deal, part of which was a £50 voucher to spend in Steamer Trading. I never have any trouble spending free money so I promptly made use of the voucher.

I decided to replace our DeLonghi toaster. My husband and I have had this toaster since before we were married – I’ve lost count of the number of kettles we’ve had in that time! It’s been an absolute star, having only recently started to struggle. But it’s a bulky 4-slice machine which was fine before but with Coeliac Daughter requiring her own separate toaster, counter space is at a premium so I knew I wanted a smaller 2-slicer as a replacement.

In the end I settled on the Dualit Architect. I chose it because it’s simple in design, slimline and made by arguably the best toaster people around. It boasts a host of features some of which seem hilariously OTT, such as a “Patented climate-sensing toasting cycle” which claims to calculate the temperature of your toaster and surroundings to derive the precise toasting time for the perfect piece of golden brown toast. Sheesh! It’s ONLY TOAST.

But the big gimmick with the Architect is that it has interchangeable side panels should you wish to change the colour of your toaster *eye roll*.

I guess this could be an important feature for people that like everything in their kitchen to be matchy matchy. But it’s not for me.

But all this eye rolling aside it appears to be a well made, sturdy toaster that will hopefully last as long as its predecessor. But the best bit? It was on sale! Down from £75 to £59, so it only cost me £9! Woo!

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