I realise it’s probably odd to blog about slippers in the run up to summer but let’s all just agree that I am odd and carry on shall we? 

When I first saw these slippers I thought they were some cool Scandi brand but Mahabis are actually British. I love the simplicity of design. The functionality. The clean lines. 

The thing that makes these different is that they have a detachable sole that you can clip on when you want to wear them outside. On their website they have photos of models walking around London in them which I think might be taking it a bit far. But handy if you need to take the bins out or say, if you have freezing stone or tile floors. 

The slippers themselves are available in either dark or light grey but you won’t be surprised to hear that you can choose from an array of colours for the soles. 

The whole choosing different colours and clipping them on and off reminds me of my Swatch watch circa 1988. 

Anyway, I now covet them. Perhaps for Winter. But then, I hear they also do breathable summer slippers… Hmm… 

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  1. Oooh I’m liking the look of these, especially the coloured soles!

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    1. Stylish lazy house shoes! 😆


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