Sylvanian Families

When my daughter was little she was obsessed with Sylvanian Families. This obsession came about because I stuck them under her nose at every given opportunity.

I always liked them when I was small but never had any. I was not hard done by, far from it. I had Care Bear/My Little Pony/Flower Fairy collections to rival the local toy shops. And I dare say that’s why my mother didn’t go down the SF route. She really didn’t need another toy collection cluttering up my room. But when I had a daughter of my own I was positively gleeful about being able to get some.

When she was a toddler I got a part time job in a children’s store. There were about five branches, with their flagship store being on the King’s Road. I only knew about them because that’s where we bought our nursery furniture. They sold pretty much everything you’d need for your child from birth to five years old. All the practical stuff; clothes, shoes, pushchairs, furniture, car seats, high chairs, bottles, sterilisers etc. to books, toys and even a children’s hairdresser.

The toy department was extensive with a huge SF section and my daughter did very well out of it. We created a little SF village complete with shops, a nursery and even a pizza parlour! I was sad when she outgrew it.

I came across a hilarious SF parody account on Twitter the other day. It really made me laugh and reminded me of the time I asked my husband to tidy up the Sylvanian Families and he positioned them doing unspeakable things! 😆


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