Mum’s Garden 

We’re spending the bank holiday weekend with my parents in West Sussex. 

I enjoy the drive down as it’s so pretty. There are always lots of wild flowers sprawling everywhere. I wouldn’t want them in my garden though, bit too messy for me. Perfect for a cottage garden or meadow. That sort of thing really suits my parents place as they have an actual meadow which is home to all manner of wildlife. In early Spring it’s a sea of daffodils and bluebells. 

It might be my parent’s house but it’s most certainly my mother’s garden. My dad just waters what he’s told and obsessively fertilises the lawn. 

Hydrangea – Look at the size of this mutha!
Iceberg Rose (climber)
End of the garden overlooking the meadow
Clematis has grown over the basketball hoop!
Montana Clematis
Nigella ‘Love In A Mist’

I don’t know what this is but I want one.
Anyway, the sun was out so we had a BBQ and used the pool for the first time this year.


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