Coffee & Adventure Golf 

We’ve just returned from visiting my husband’s parents in Dorset for a couple of days. It was my mother in-law’s birthday so we ate lots of lovely food and even managed to squeeze in a game of mini golf at this Pirate Adventure Golf place right by the beach. I know, I know, mini golf during half term, are we crazy? But we got there as it opened and went round at a leisurely pace so it was all good. My husband ADORES mini golf. I daresay he’d love to set up his own at the end of the garden, like some kind of lunatic. Anyway, he won and I came last (despite getting a HOLE IN ONE *proud face*) so all was well. 

Daisies & Bandstand
Cute little beach hut things!
As we were leaving my father in law gave me a kilo of used coffee grounds for the garden. It’s good for the soil and it deters slugs and snails (as I mentioned in my Slugs be gone! post). Turns out their local coffee place gives it away for free. Bonus! 

Free slug repellent!

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