Garden Safari 

Last weekend my husband and I went on a “Garden Safari”. This is a very elaborate name for what is essentially a garden tour. People open up their gardens to the public so everyone can come along and have a nosey. 

It was held in a village I used to live in (when I still lived with my parents) so I know the area well and we were easily able to navigate our way around on foot. You had to buy a ticket and all proceeds went to fund the village hall or some other local good cause or other. 

Our daughter, in true teenage style, opted to stay at home so it was just the two of us and it was quite fun. There’s obviously a fair bit of nodding and smiling involved as you enter strangers’ gardens “Your borders are just lovely“… but I could spy a lot of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it whispering between couples “Ours is much nicer” which I found quite funny. Some people were selling plants, others homemade jams and chutney. It was all very W.I. 

I came away really wanting a pergola. We saw several and I think it would add some structure to our garden. Plus I think they’re quite romantic and I love that kind of thing. 

Pergola from the Garden Safari. So pretty.

Also going to steal a very simple idea that we saw and that’s edging the lawn with brick. One side of our lawn is already edged with brick in a straight line as we have a path going down the length of the garden but the other side, which has more curves that Christina Hendricks, does not and I think it sometimes looks a bit messy. 
Bricks would give it definition and the handy thing is you can go over them with the mower. 

Brick border from the Garden Safari.

Obviously ours will be much nicer. 😉

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  1. Great post and great pics of some lovely gardens.

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