I’ve been dithering all day about what I could say about the EU Referendum result. I could talk about the debates or today’s financial crash (the worst for over 30 years) but I fear I’d be here FOREVER. 

Some politicians were impassioned about their cause, others not so much. When asked how passionate he felt about staying in the EU, Jeremy Corbyn said “Seven…or seven a half out of ten”. I can understand how this attitude didn’t instill confidence in the voters. 

For many, the decision about whether Great Britain should leave the European Union was easy. I had people on both sides telling me it was “a no brainer”. I was pretty certain I’d vote Remain but I didn’t want to make this decision on a whim. Or just copy my husband.

I’m not the sort of person that sees things in black and white. It felt too big a decision to make without knowing all the facts. I wanted to know what the implications would be. But nobody knows. I wanted to know the facts but both campaigns were guilty of misinformation – if I’m being kind, outright lies if I’m being honest. 

I’m not an expert in European trade agreements or law or immigration… but ultimately I voted with my conscience. I also listened to every single economist interviewed. 

But it didn’t matter. Brexit was successful. Today my husband had people crying at his office. People from EU countries who have worked and lived in the UK for years. They have friends, they’ve paid their taxes, they’ve made the UK their home. And now they feel unwelcome. 

I don’t think anybody really expected this decision. The Leave campaign even appeared surprised. I believe in democracy and I respect the decision they’ve made. I’m just a bit fearful in the midst of all this uncertainty. 

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  1. thestarter1978 says:

    This is a great post.

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    1. Aw thank you. I feared it was hopelessly inadequate.


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