As I’ve said before, when I was little I watched a lot of Japanese and Korean anime shows/movies. My absolute favourite of these was a series called Hana No Ko Lunlun (Lulu The Flower Angel). 

Basically there was this girl who was running around all over Europe in search of a special magical rainbow flower with a talking dog and cat in tow (naturally). I don’t remember why. They were hotly pursued by a villianous woman and her bumbling manservant. I don’t remember why. Also there was a pretty boy who played the heroic love interest and he gave flower seeds to everyone he met. I don’t remember why. 

I know this all sounds totally FABULOUS on its own but here’s the best bit. She had a magical flower locket that would change her outfit at different intervals! It was amazing. I ask Santa for one every year. 

The outfits were always flower inspired (as was everything) which I LOVED. And I’m certain (she says, casting her mind back 30+ years) that one of the flowers featured in the show was the dahlia. I think. 

I’ve always liked dahlias but never had one. I do tend to like big blousy flowers, peonies being my favourite. Dahlias have quite large blooms that open up gradually, often changing colour as they do. They’re very girlie, I think they’re gorgeous. 

Yesterday I took my mum to the huge garden centre that’s not too far from us. We were there for hours… and she bought me a dahlia! Then I went a bit berserk and bought two more. I won’t plant them in the beds as they’re tubers and I generally can’t be faffed with bulbs so they’ll be in pots spread about on/between my patios. 

Dahlia – Surprise Louise
Dahlia – Monet
Dahlia – Monet
Dahlia – Pablo
Now all I need isthat magical flower locket and I’m all set. 

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