I quit!

I’ve written two posts about Brexit so far so I will keep this brief.

These last few days have been a storm in British politics and there have been a flurry of resignations, the latest being leader of UKIP, Nigel Farage. It’s a worrying state of affairs when the people who wanted Brexit aren’t going to stick around to sort this mess out.

David Cameron called for the referendum – resigned.

Boris Johnson ran the Leave campaign – resigned.

Nigel Farage who has made a career about wanting to leave the EU gets what he wants and promptly resigns.

I don’t want another referendum, the decision has been made, I just want some stability.

*awaits Corbyn’s resignation*


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  1. stellabranch says:

    Its been a catastrophe hasn’t it? *sighs*

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    1. “Do you have a plan?”
      Brexit: “We don’t have a plan we thought No. 10 had a plan”
      No. 10: “We don’t know have a plan, we thought you did!”

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