Floating Seahouse

I was born in England but at about two weeks old I made my first plane journey when we moved to Abu Dhabi. My family and I would live in the Middle East for the next few years, residing in Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Sharjah and Dubai. My parents weren’t strangers to the region, having met in Bahrain years earlier, and we still had family living there (they’ve only just left!).

When I lived in Dubai there was pretty much nothing there. Now of course it’s a major tourist destination with vast sprawling shopping malls, teetering skyscrapers and opulent hotel chains. If it can built, they have it in Dubai. Man made islands, golf courses with lush green grass (in the middle of the desert), indoor ski slopes with actual snow… And the latest venture in the playboy’s luxury playground? Why floating villas of course!

Now these homes are an acquired taste but I can’t help but love them. They’re the kind of house I’d have said I wanted when I was about six… “…and the house would float on the water and you could watch the fish from your bed and there’d be a water slide out the bedroom window…” 

If you fancy reading more about this development and watching a funky little video all about them then click here 

I’m off to draw up my lottery fantasy house… Ocean view, tick! Home cinema, tick! Waterslide… tick!

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