Petit Bateau 

My daughter wore quite a lot of Petit Bateau as a baby. This was mostly due to my mother going slightly nuts in the shop and buying everything. Their babygros are softer than soft but what I really loved was the… bum flap. I’m fairly certain this isn’t the technical name for it but it’s the phrase my husband coined and it stuck. By “bum flap” I of course mean those babygrows that have a little flap with popper fastenings at the back. All the French and Italian stuff we had for our daughter was this design but the British and American clothing never did. They had poppers all along each leg and they were forever popping open and causing me GRIEF at 3am. And 3am grief is the worst kind of grief, let me tell you.

bumflap gone wrong


Anyway all this waffle is leading up to telling you that Petit Bateau currently have a massive summer sale on. You can check it out by clicking here

As the enforced fun picture below illustrates Petit Bateau don’t just sell baby clothes. They also sell stuff for kids and even lady clothes. Now please be aware that this label is French and therefore everything comes up small. Or it could just be me and my elephant proportions. Anyway, enjoy!

petit bateau washing line
We’re all hanging on a washing line, what larks!


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