New Job

So I have news. I got a new job! I haven’t said anything until now because it’s kept me madly busy (and then exhausted) but also because I was quite certain they’d figure out I was a hapless idiot and fire me after day one.

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I haven’t worked the last couple of years so I could stay home and look after our daughter who’s had some health issues. I’m pleased to say things have improved and I decided I’d start looking for something part time in September when she went back to school after the summer holidays. But this job sort of landed in my lap and I didn’t see why I shouldn’t go for it.

Not working has been a challenge. When my daughter was at her worst I was grateful I could stay home. But as things have improved I have of course had less to do. She’s been at school so much more (yay!) which has left me home alone. Boredom (and the munchies!) set in. I don’t do well when I’m isolated. Being at home with a baby or small child is completely different to being totally on your own. It didn’t help that my husband, my best friend in all things, works stupidly long hours. I’m a social creature at heart and being home alone for days on end started to really affect me. The vast majority of my friends work. They aren’t around in the day. I know I mustn’t grumble and completely realise I’m very very lucky that being able to stay home was an option but I was going up the wall slightly.

Anyway, the job is at our local vets. I’ve spent 10 years working with small children in some capacity so this is a complete change. What is it they say? Never work with children or animals! Wish me luck!

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  1. thestarter1978 says:

    Oh well done!

    I’m not working at the moment either (taking some time out to hang with the kids while they’re small). It’s super – until I start worrying that my brain is rotting away.

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  2. stellabranch says:

    Sounds great! Good luck!

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  3. thestarter1978 says:

    You ARE still going to blog, aren’t you?!?!

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    1. Haha! I will but it might be a bit sporadic whilst I settle into working again. Only I would start a new job at the beginning of the school holidays!! 😆


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