Christmas has landed!

Christmas has landed at Kimberly Towers!

New wreath!

We’re not one of those families that observe The Rules. You know what I mean, those stupid rules about how long decorations should be up and whatnot. If you believe you’ll have a year of bad luck because you didn’t take your tinsel down in time there really is no hope for you. 

As I said in my I.Love.Christmas post last year I like to be organised. I enjoy all the build up to the big day so things kick off early only for them to be unceremoniously ripped down pretty much immediately afterwards in a ‘Christmas is now over, deal with it’ fashion. They’re always gone by NYE. 

We’ve had our tree a full week now. This is actually quite embarrassing as we don’t usually buy our tree in November. That’s too early even for us

We always go to the same place, a local-ish Christmas Tree Farm, and it opened early this year. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. 

For the last ten or eleven Christmasses we have rocked up come rain or shine (or sleet as was the case one year) and trudge up and down the ‘aisles’ in our wellies and hats and coats. One of us always ends up cursing that we’ve forgotten to bring our gloves (trees can be prickly) and we spend up to 45 minutes viewing, judging and manhandling all the trees. 

They have every kind of Christmas tree you can think of (except artificial obvs). Rows and rows of Pine, Spruce and Fir of every shape and size. I can’t remember what this year’s is but it’s about 7ft tall, non-drop and has soft needles.

There’s always an element of competition. Who will find The One? My daughter won this year. She has a good eye.

Once the decision has been made one of the helpers carries your selection over to the log cabin-esque shelter where they’ll trim the trunk, and any stray branches you don’t like, with a chain saw and net it for you. It’s all incredibly organised. They also sell other bits like tree stands/reservoirs and wreaths. They even have a cash machine! I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.

Last Christmas, our first in this house, we got a tad over excited and bought a tree that really was too big. It looked a lot smaller outside at the Christmas Tree Farm than in our living room bay window let me tell you. I had a vision that when we cut the netting off the branches would smash the windows National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation style. 

It didn’t but we did have to move the TV. And the sofas. 

This year’s tree is a much better fit. I don’t go nuts with decorations, simply opting for tons of tiny lights and candy cane decorations. I’m very less-is-more which is pretty much the opposite of my mother who decorates her (artificial) tree meticulously every year. It takes her days

My mum’s tree last year.

Featured on the tree every year are what are referred to by her six grandchildren as the ‘evil pixies’. Tree ornaments of Christmas “fairies” which my mother LOVES but we all suspect will try to murder us in our beds when we’re not looking. They are so creepy I can’t tell you. We have made such merciless fun of them that one year my mother announced that she wouldn’t put them out only to get cries of “You have to! It’s not Christmas without the evil pixies!”. So they’ve stayed. I’ll try and post a photo of them in the next couple of weeks. 

Brace yourselves. 

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