I got quite a bit of flak from readers the other week. Apparently I’m the only person on Earth that would write a blog post about my Christmas tree and then not post the obligatory photo of it. Good grief this isn’t Facebook you know 🙄

Thing is I’m a bit rubbish at taking photos of Christmas trees. They never look as good in the photos as they do in the flesh or at least they don’t when I’m the photographer. I’m sure if you’re the set designer for the John Lewis Christmas Catalogue they always look perfect. 

Also our tree stands in a bay window. Photography rule number one is don’t take a photo of something in front of a window. The light shines from behind the object making it look dark and the window super bright. But equally I can’t take a photo of it at night as I’m only using my iPhone, not a fancy camera, so the fairy lights blur the image and it can’t focus on anything and all you end up seeing is a big dark blob with lights on it. 

I tried. I really did. 

Up close and personal. Pretty but you can’t see the tree!

From the floor but the light makes the top look bald.
Standing off centre to avoid the glare but still looks weirdly out of proportion.

You’ll just need to pop round for a cuppa and a mince pie and see it for yourself. 🎄

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  1. At least yours is up! Ours is currently standing in the garage, in a bucket of sugar water! xx

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    1. SUGAR water?? 😆


  2. davegore2005 says:

    mince pie you say?, cuppa you say too?, on my way

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