The other evening I was watching a show I absolutely LOVE called ‘Escape To The Chateau’ (Ch4). 

It features Dick Strawbridge, who I adore, and his wife Angel (really named Angela) who bought a delapidated Chateau in France and are set about restoring it to its former glory. 

With next to no money. 

Well they have some money just not the gazillions it requires. 

Dick and Angel

Anyway the Christmas special was on this week and Angel (Angela) who is a very creative sort (she makes her own tea towels and kitchen tiles) decides to set the table. She hangs balloons and snowflakes from the ceiling and the table is festooned with mistletoe from the grounds, it looks beautiful. And then she makes crackers. Except they’re not crackers. She hollows out some old books and places little presents for the guests inside them. Very creative (and time consuming) but let’s keep it real, a book is not a cracker. It just isn’t. All that dust and DIY must have addled her brain.
You need crackers on a Christmas table, you need the bang and the groan-inducing joke and the naff paper crowns. You just do! 

With that in mind here are some crackers you can buy for the big day. Because you’re not hollowing out books like festive lunatics. 

The Kids Table

Elf Crackers from notonthehighstreet £20
Frozen £5
Star Wars £5
Finding Dory £5

For the whole family… 

Emma Bridgewater £15

Waitrose Kraft Crackers £15

I really like the Waitrose Kraft crackers. Firstly they’re more my style being brown card with red ribbon, rather than glitzy and metallic but I also like that you can personalise the white labels so each person can have a cracker with their name on it. It’s the personal touches that make Christmas! 

Ridley’s Magic Crackers £20

These Ridley crackers each contain a little magic trick. Great fun around the table for all ages! 

These Gingerbread Men crackers each contain a piece of kitchen apparatus. Perfect for baking enthusiasts!

Sprout Crackers £12.99 Lakeland
Talking Table Mini Botanical Crackers £7
If brights are your thing! Happy Jackson £15
Racing Santa Crackers £10 Waitrose

I had these around the table when we had friends for dinner a few days ago. Every cracker contains a little wind up Santa that you can then race. A bit different and good fun! 

Confetti Rocket Crackers, Selfridges, £20.75

If you really want to splash out… 

Six Person Cracker, Fortnum & Mason, £65

I love the bonkers design of this multi person cracker. Is it worth £65? Probably not but it’s Christmas

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  1. thestarter1978 says:

    Ah crackers. The bit of Christmas I always forget about until the last minute.

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