Recipe for happiness?

I touched on the subject of hygge on this blog just over a year ago. My love for all things Scandi hasn’t really lessened and the concept of hygge is one that I am still very much a fan of.

For those that don’t know, hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) is a Danish pastime that sort of combines happiness, contentment, belonging and cosiness all in one handy phrasing. It is often described as the Danish art of living well. 

I was given The Little Book of Hygge for my birthday and have just finished it. It’s a lovely book you can dip into as and when the mood takes you and I did find even just reading it seemed to be an act of hygge itself! Usually tucked up warm in bed or curled up on the sofa with a cup of tea and a blanket this sweet little book has seen me through Winter. 

It’s written by Meik Wiking, who works at the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen. This man literally lives, eats and sleeps what makes people happy and his infectious enthusiasm for all things hygge shines through on every page.

The book covers everything from the history of hygge to every day things such as food & drink, work, family, holidays, recipes, weather… even interior design (which the Danes are obsessed with). 

It’s precisely my kind of book. A friendly conversational voice, observations about people and how they live and some handy figures and stats thrown in for good measure. All with gorgeous photos, in glorious colour, of things like fireplaces and sunsets and popcorn and CAKE. I don’t read it as a manual on how to improve my life as such I just enjoy it for what it is. 

Ultimately I’m sure our interest in hygge is just a fad. The Danish certainly don’t seem too keen on the rest of the world adopting their thing, particularly commercialising it. That is most un-hyggeligt. 

Whatever you name it I’ve always been a fan. I’m behind any movement that prioritises people over possessions and values relationships, love, family time and being together. The roaring fires, slabs of cake and chatting with friends aren’t bad either. So I happily recommend The Little Book of Hygge

I also got How To Hygge for Christmas from my lovely sister in-law which I haven’t started yet but it looks beautiful. 

If you are interested there are lots of books on hygge around at the moment.

I don’t know if any of these books are any good but I am in love with the covers! I think hygge books in general make very pretty coffee table books if you’re so inclined. 

Hot chocolate anyone?

Look at all the pretty sparkles!
So warm and cosy I can’t stand it!

Or perhaps you think all this hygge stuff is utter nonsense. If that’s the case then perhaps this is the book for you! 😆

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  1. I love this whole cosy concept! I only discovered it a few months ago – it’s right up my street X

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    1. I love anything that recommends hanging out with your friends and family to eat lots of good food!

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  2. thestarter1978 says:

    I love this sort of thing. My mother in law got me a hygge book (and a lot of other hygge inspired things) for Christmas.

    Now that we’re in Spring, the hygge thing is to go for lots of sunny walks and admire the tadpoles and ducklings.

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    1. YES! And have PICNICS!


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