Just after Easter I decided I wanted to buy an arch for our garden. I’ve wanted one since we went on a garden safari last year and saw several. 

Being a nervous sort I was worried about spending a lot on an arch in case it didn’t work out. What if it looked stupid or didn’t suit the garden? 

So I just opted for the cheapest choice possible and ordered a metal gothic arch and matching obelisk from Wayfair. They had various Easter deals on and I think it was £60 for the pair.

I’d originally wanted a wooden one but then I’d heard that sometimes they rot or warp. Would it look too bulky? And if I’m 100% honest I was also doubtful we’d be able build and erect it properly. The metal ones were lighter, prettier, more delicate. Surely they’d be a cinch to put up. 

My husband and I spent a good THREE hours building and erecting the arch. I think that’s the difference between the cheap arches versus the more expensive ones. This came in pieces, like IKEA flatpack, and it was ridiculously finnicky to get everything lining up exactly, the bars kept popping out. To be truthful they’re still not spirit level straight but by the end I simply DIDN’T CARE. It all became a bit, Why why WHY did I ever even want a stupid garden arch?! I mean who the hell do I think I am? Charlie Bloody Dimmock?! This was a STUPID idea. I’m really tired and hungry. I need to sit down for at least an hour. I NEED a biscuit! It’s also really hot. When did it get SO hot?

In short, next time, I’ll opt for a pricier one-piece arch. So much easier.

The obelisk was simpler but not by much. Also it does look a bit like a giant penis standing upright in the garden. But it fits in the flowerbed beautifully and I can see it from the kitchen. 

So now the structures were in place it was time to plant some climbers! I’ve never done this before so it was just a case of going to the garden centre and seeing what I liked the look of, planting them and seeing what succeeds. I won’t know for a while yet. 

For the arch I planted a passion flower, which has already started to flower and I love it! 

I also planted a Nelly Moser clematis which was recommended. They’ve already started to intertwine. The clematis isn’t in flower yet but here’s a photo of what it will (hopefully!) look like. 

“Nelly Moser” Clematis
On the obelisk I opted for a white jasmine that I cannot remember the name of and another clematis, this time the Multi Blue. 

Multi Blue Clematis
I’ll post some pics of them if, hopefully when, they get going! Wish me luck!

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