Almost as soon as I pressed the publish button on my previous post I decided I’d placed my clematis’ the wrong way round. 

So this morning I took a risk and swapped them over. Thing is the Nelly Moser was a late addition whereas if I’d bought them all at the same time I’d have done this from the start. But hey that’s the way it goes. 

So now the Multi Blue which is a bluey purple colour is now with the passion flower (which is partly purple) and the Nelly Moser which is pink and white stripes is now paired with the white jasmine on the obelisk. 

A Multi Blue
A Nelly Moser
If they die I only have myself to blame. I have done this before. Planting things and then a few days later deciding I’ve put them in the wrong place and moving it. I don’t advise it although thus far nothing has flat out died on me. I’m just a bit indecisive and OCD. Now I really must stop meddling and let things settle. 

As I said before I’ve never grown any climbers so these are my first clematis. I am hopeful

As far as I know there are three types of clematis. 

There are those that flower in the winter and spring, the second usually flower once in early summer and the third usually flowers twice; firstly May to June/July and then again from July/August to September. 

Because I’m greedy and want loads of flowers both the Nelly Moser and Multi Blue are category 3.

Now I just have to hope I haven’t killed them. 

When I clear out the end of our garden and put in a new shed I plan to train some clematis around the door and along the roof. Maybe something like Montana (Rubens) Pink Perfection which is meant to sprawl quickly and produce a mass of small pale pink flowers. Oh, the possibilities. 

Pink Perfection

I promise my next post will be about something other than gardening or planting position regret. Have a lovely weekend, I’ll be in the garden! x 

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