Last September I hacked our white buddleia (“White Profusion”) back to just a stump sticking out of the ground. It had got completely out of control and like all the stuff I inherited in this garden it hadn’t been cut back or looked after in years. I figured it would come back seeing as it was so established and it has.

In March it was sprouting some greenery and by April had well and truly started to come back.


By mid June it was taller than our fences with plenty of buds.

June – The flowers are getting ready!

And now it’s July it’s flowering and must be about 9ft(?) high. I’m not very good with measurements but the fence is 6ft tall and a good third of it is above it. Because it’s pretty much all new growth it’s in lovely condition.

Early July – Starting to bloom!

A few of the new flowers died a quick death thanks to the lack of rain but there are plenty more on the way.

Dead – get rid! Snip snip!

With a buddleia if you snip the brown flowers off at the base of the stalk but above the new buds it will continue flower all summer. Mine was still flowering last October! Now if I can just have some rain for my dry parched lawn! 🤞🏻

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  1. Liz says:

    Where I used to live I planted a buddleia and I had another in a pot. I absolutely loved having my buddleia. The one in the garden though, looked better than my pot. I have a small yard now, which is looking more like a garden with my container growing. It’s too small for a buddleia where I now live and I am limited to room as in what pots to have, so it won’t be on my list of plants here. But never mind, I am still have views of them, as next door has one growing wildly and there is also another on the opposite, which is massive.

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    1. They’re one of those plants you see everywhere aren’t they?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Liz says:

        Surprisingly they are, yes. 🙂

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