Rose Update

OK, so I finally bought a rose! Well… roses. Because it turns out I really, really like roses. After all those years of not liking roses. This is the cat all over again. 

The first rose I chose was Tranquility. 

I ordered it online from David Austin and it arrived all packed up in a large cardboard box. 

Here it is!
Potted up!

Pink buds open to creamy flowers!

Ta Dah!

I chose Tranquility because I love big blousy romantic flowers and I wanted a white rose. It’s almost thornless and has good disease resistance. It is said to have a light apple fragrance but I can barely smell anything but that’s fine,  fragrance isn’t a deal breaker for me. 

Next up I bought Gentle Hermione. A beautiful pale pink rose which is particularly resistant to rain and has a strong myrrh fragrance. 

Also from David Austin, this rose arrived with open flowers. But sadly there were several stems, complete with flowers or buds, that had snapped. Really disappointed. But the plant looks healthy otherwise and there are still plenty of blooms on it. 

I’ve placed the roses in matching pots on either side of the patio, with hebes potted on either side.

Having bought two rose shrubs in as many months these are the final addition to my garden this year. I am very much a fair weather gardener so Autumn will mostly involve cutting things back, some weeding and general tidying up. I also have some early flowering crocus and daffodil bulbs to plant as I really do love those first signs of colour after the grey Winter. 

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