When visiting family in Bristol we all visited nearby Tyntesfield.

When there, we were told that Tyntesfield is referred to as “the jewel in the crown” at The National Trust and it’s not hard to see why.

Like many of the National Trust properties Tyntesfield has been used in the filming for television, most notably that Sherlock cheese dream of a Christmas Special The Abominable Bride.

It’s impressive, in that Victorian Gothic way, and boasts beautiful gardens, terraces and even woodland that you can peruse at your leisure. 

Originally built as a family home it still houses the possessions of four generations of the Gibbs family.

When we were there the house was showcasing the belongings of Antony, the eldest son and heir of William Gibbs who had built the house. It would appear that whilst a very nice guy Antony was a bit of a dimwit when it came to business. So the business was handed over to someone else to run when William died leaving Antony with an awful lot of time and money on his hands. He decided his mission in life was to beautify his surroundings and set about making improvements to the house and grounds and collecting unique (and expensive!) objects and art to show off to all his friends and visitors. 

We enjoyed the exhibition of shiny things and the house with its own private chapel. The family were given special dispensation to be allowed to have a chapel built. This does sniff of snobbery. It would appear they preferred to pray in their plush surroundings privately rather than have to go to the local parish chapel like everybody else.

And again we seemed to time it brilliantly, not that many tourists and beautiful weather! 

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  1. AroundTheAga says:

    Beautiful. This post has reminded me that it’s a while since I visited Tyntesfield. I live in Bristol and am a National Trust member so there’s no excuse.

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    1. No excuse! 😆 Off you go!

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