It’s Christmas!


It’s the 25th September which is three months to Christmas and John Lewis have just released their themes for Christmas. And as we all know I am a SLAVE to the John Lewis Christmas catalogue. 

There’s Folklore 

Think traditional Eastern European hand painted ornaments in classic reds and whites. 

Mitsuko – Contemporary with lots of stylish geometric shapes. 

Winter Palace – Cool blues and sparkly silvers with a Russian twist! 

Into the Woods – Lots of green and natural materials for a more rustic, naturalistic look. 

Tales of the Maharaja – Inspired by India, this collection has decorations of jewel-like quality. Beautiful! 

Think Scottish castle overlooking a loch whilst snuggled in front of an open fire and you have Highland Myths. Lots of warm coppers which I love. I’ve actually ordered these baubles for my tree. I’m not going with decorations, just lights and baubles in these tones. Can’t wait! 

Peruvian brights with fun character. Think piñatas, cacti and of course llamas. Great fun for kids!  

To see all these collections visit John Lewis and be quick! Some of the decorations are already sold out! 

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  1. stellabranch says:

    Ive collected many types of decorations over the years, I love to theme my tree. They are all currently in an IKEA storage drawer under the bed – each colour/type put away in a separate zip-up bag. I haven’t decided on my theme for this year yet as I’m not sure when we are going to move, but I’m pretty sure my husband would kill me if I bought any more!

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    1. That sounds super organised! When we moved house it meant we could have a much larger tree so I knew the decs I had would look lost. So just put on loads of lights which looked v pretty. This year I want baubles!! Just lights and baubles. So maybe next year I’ll start buying actual decorations! 😆

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  2. thestarter1978 says:

    Oh God, I like them all. I think I like Folklore and Highland Myths best. However, I don’t think I am allowed to get any more decorations.

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    1. I loved the Folklore as well!!!


  3. This is like the adult equivalent of getting the new Argos catalogue as a child (or was that just me?!)

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    1. I love Christmas! 😆


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