Recently I met up with some friends I don’t see nearly enough of and we went to a lovely local place for lunch to celebrate my and our friend Bet’s recent big birthdays.

The food was delicious, I had the nicest Eggs Florentine imaginable. Part of me actually regrets not snapping a photo but then I fear we all do that too much nowadays don’t we? People used to go out to eat, now there’s always someone at the next table arranging the salt and pepper shakers into an artful arrangement for a food selfie of sorts. Back when smartphones were relatively new I was definitely guilty of this. It was mostly pics of afternoon tea or big slabs of cake, with the caption I ATE IT ALL NOM NOM NOM… My sister calls this type of person a “Tweeter Eater”. Someone who continually puts up photos of the meals they eat on social media when actually we should probably just sit and eat them. And then go for a jog or pilates or something.

I cannot bear people who get their phones out at the table. Thankfully the rest of the world pretty much agrees with me on this. Making a phone call during a meal with other people or in a public place is just a universal no no. But phones aren’t just phones anymore, you can now take photos, play games or even watch TV on them. I’ve never allowed my daughter to get her phone out whilst at the table either at home or in restaurants/public. It’s the epitome of bad manners and nothing looks worse than looking across at a family where the children are sitting at one end of the table in silence wearing headphones watching something on their separate iPads like little mute zombies. Heaven forbid they learn the art of conversation… or even to actually share a single iPad. But perhaps I am a dinosaur when it comes to these things, who knows.

The servers where we ate provided all the entertainment we needed. Not a smile was cracked nor a “thank you” uttered. They were so rude it was actually hilarious and in response the entire table started being overly polite the way only British people can be. The ruder and more aloof they were the more apologetic we became. We had to ask for the bill twice and the waiter’s silent glare spoke volumes.

At one point the waitress came to take our order, realised her pen wasn’t working and just turned around and walked to get another… whilst my friend was in the middle of telling her what she’d like to drink. No ‘excuse me’ or ‘I’ll be right back’ and when she did return she just stood there and looked expectantly at us. No, “Sorry, I’m SuperGirl and had to dash off to save some children from a burning school bus”. I mean, if this is what she’s like at work serving the public what must she be like at home?

But anyway the food was YUM and the company wonderful and I got a free lunch, a voucher for a spa day with yet more lunch (I love lunch) and two HUGE balloons announcing to all the world that I am indeed forty. Or should that be FORTY!!! Giant, rose gold numbers floating overhead like a satellite. Naturally I loved it all.

The great thing with receiving experience gifts is that you can spread them out throughout the year and have lots of lovely treats to look forward to. And if I’m very very lucky the spa staff might be aloof and stand offish.😉

Before I go… at this lunch we talked about all sorts of things, one of which were pet personalised presents. Photos of your dog on a cushion, a watercolour of your cat on canvas… that sort of thing. And my friend Jo introduced us to THIS monstrosity.

PetFlair will put a photo of your beloved furry companion on your swimwear. I can’t decide which is worse… the dog with its tongue hanging out on your rear or on your front. They just look so… rude.

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  1. stellabranch says:

    I’m glad you didn’t let the servers spoil your enjoyment. And those doggy swim trunks…almost as unattractive as those dadbod swimsuits…have you seen those? 😳

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have!! 🤣🤣 They are GROSS! The servers were so rude we really did laugh about it. Life’s too short!


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