Royal Reading

If you live in Britain you simply cannot escape the royal family right now. I mean, they’ve always been there and everything but it’s particularly high saturation at the moment.

First there was the Queen’s 92nd birthday. She doesn’t even need to do anything anymore, she just needs to be the Queen. Frankly if she just walks unaided and waves without her arm falling off it’s impressive. She’s now reached the age where she’s simply beyond reproach. No one and I mean NO ONE is allowed to criticise the Queen. Recently there was a one-off programme on ITV about the Queen’s initiative to save forests within the commonwealth. It paired her up with David Attenborough and they walked around her gardens at Buckingham Palace together. They were the most adorable double act ever!

Then Kate and William had their third child. I won’t lie. I just love a royal baby. I really wanted the baby to be a girl (because girls are best) but Louis is very sweet. Although I do find it very odd that they named him Louis when that is already one of his brother’s names. I mean, name them after a parent, grandparent, friend… but their own brother? Bit weird but then there’s such a short list of traditional royal names left perhaps they ran out of options.

And finally, unless you’ve been living under a rock then you will know that Prince Harry is about to walk down the aisle with Meghan Markle. Royal Wedding mania will reach defcon1 next weekend and I for one can’t wait to SEE THE DRESS. Apparently Meghan has said she will only have child bridesmaids. Smart girl. I mean imagine if she was upstaged by a sexy bridesmaid’s bum?

To celebrate the union the Royal Mint has released a commemorative coin and there aren’t enough words to say how awful it is.

Told you.

If you can’t get enough of the royals you might want to read the book I’ve just finished.

Young Prince Philip by Philip Eade tells you the story of Prince Philip from his birth to his childhood in exile, explores his parents failed marriage, his relationship with the Mountbatten family, his successful naval career, his marriage to Elizabeth and palace politics, as well as his difficulty in having to take on the role he has today (distinctly earlier than either he or Elizabeth had banked on).

Philip was quite the hottie back in the day and I really enjoyed reading about him. I’ve only ever known him as an “old man”. I now have much more affection for him. **curtsies**

That’s all for now, see you at the *church!


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